Welcome to my new website

Hi everyone,

I’m so excited to finally share my new website with you!

As an ever evolving designer and illustration artist I have realized that I need to have a clear and consistent platform that I can call my own in all aspects, a place where I can share my work, passion and thoughts with you.

Since I focus mainly on design and illustration I want to share more and more illustration projects as soon as they are complete. You’ll see where I work, where I get my inspiration from and what projects I’m currently working on in this blog.

Art and design has always been my passion since childhood and I am glad I chose this path. I certainly wouldn’t do anything to change it. How about you? Do you still follow your childhood passions? You can ask your parents, siblings or a childhood friend if you can’t remember, you might be pleasantly surprised!

Should you have an idea, tip or trick that you want to share or a suggestion of what you would like to see on my blog, feel free share your thoughts. I’ll respond in the shortest time possible.

Thank you.

Happy 2021 to you all!

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